Ruins of Himera

In 480 BC the armies of Syracuse and Akragas you defeated the Carthaginian in the Battle of Himera occurred in plain overlooking the city. To celebrate the victory a temple was built where the foundation is still visible. Temple of Victory.

Part of the friezes and some lion heads that served as gutters are the Archaeological Museum of Palermo. Of great interest is the "Tomb of the Lovers" Antiquarium preserved. The ten thousand soldiers of Himera seems to see those knights two thousand years ago, armed with shields and spears, shouting for the victory of satisfaction unexpected bleeding or escape or, worse, remain lifeless on the ground trampled by the horses of the winners. Only they, in the esplanade overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea and protected by mountains Madonie, ideal for fighting in the open field, not far from the walls of the coveted Greek city of Himera, as Diodorus tells.

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Source: Wikipedia